Sunday, 15 May 2016

Shine Walk 2016 - Sponsor Me, Please!

Dearest Reader, things have been a bit quiet of late on the blogging front. Now this does not stem from a lack of desire to write or a lack of material, or because I have been too busy cooking and taking pictures of my food on Instagram, but simply in that I have been training for this year's Cancer Research UK Shine Walk for which I hope to raise £300.
The walk will be taking place on 24th September 2016 in London and begins in the evening. You walk the walk by night with glow sticks to light you up, hence Shine Walk! There is the option to do a full or half marathon length walk. I have opted for the half marathon and will be walking around 13 miles.
Aside from frequenting the gym I have decided to combine my love of Russian culture with walking and undertake some of the Russia Beyond the Headlines London Walks. These are a series of walks around London which take you past Russian related places you may not know were there. For example plaques of famous Russian people who lived in London, and sculptures by Russian artists.
Now comes the part where you can help, please click here to sponsor me! All donations of any size are very welcome, and you can also donate anonymously if you would prefer. We all know someone who has or has been affected by cancer, and Shine Walk is a way to raise money to help fund research into new cures.
Updates on progress and possibly funny stories to follow soon!