Sunday, 15 September 2013

Achievements and Activities

Now, I am a person who likes to be busy and who usually has at least one project on the go, but in the last few weeks I think that I have managed to firmly dispel any feelings of having a quarter life crisis. 
For one thing I am now employed, which sadly means dear reader that you will no longer be treated to posts about my trips to the job centre. I am as sadden by this as you, but do not fear I am sure that there will be plenty of other things I will find to write about.
Aside from successfully finding work over the past few weeks I have; 
Graduated from University 
 Laura-Rose Saunders BA (Hons), MA (Hons), UCL (ULU)

Taken part in filming for a new BBC 3 show (look out for me in 'No Country for Young Men') helped interview one of the members of Russian Group Pussy Riot, had my last day volunteering at CCHQ, received a letter of thanks from Party Chairman - Grant Shapps, 
Letter from Grant Shapps

Travelled to Russia as part of a delegation, visited Yaroslavl, met Hero of the Soviet Union and first woman in Space - Valentina Tereshkova, met with members of Russia's four main political parties (United Russia, A Just Russia, the Communist Party of Russia and the Liberal Democrat Party of Russia), took part in my first press conference, 
 Alongside my fellow delegates

and once again found myself on Russian TV speaking, badly, in Russian.

Now to have a rest and catch up on some sleep!