Sunday, 26 May 2013

Language Conference - Perm

From tomorrow until the start of June I shall be away at a Language Conference in Perm, Russia. This will mean two things; one, that I will probably not be able to post while I am there, and two, that when I return there will be a plethora of posts.
I will be attending the 'Russian Language between Europe and Asia' conference where I will be speaking on the topic of 'Teaching Russian language to Foreigners: Problems and Perspectives'. It is set to be a very interesting conference and I am honoured to have the chance to speak.
While I am away if you, dear reader, are looking for things to read then try the posts from my Year Abroad in Moscow.They give a fairly good idea of what life was like for me when I was living there. They also include some funny interactions with Russian old ladies or Babs.
Now to go and pack! I wonder where I put my passport......

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