Saturday, 16 March 2013

Job Hunting vs Dating

It has come to my attention that Job Hunting in many ways is very similar to Dating and that there are many similarities in both processes.
Having been fired and having failed to get a job at a networking event or by talking to someone face to face you begin by creating an online profile - your qualifications, good points, skills and a photo in which you are neither drunk nor wearing more make up than someone on TOWIE. 
Following this you begin to look through the profiles of others, read about the company, what is it that they are looking for? Does it match with what you are looking for? Conversely companies sit and look through your profile deciding the same thing.
Eventually contact is made either a company phones you or you make an application that is well received. The next step is the interview, an experience very akin to a first date (minus the battle at the end for who should pay - you, them or go Dutch?) - you dress to impress, prepare in advance what you will say and spend most of the time either suppressing 'the crazy' or twisting what it is that you actually do. For example I have seven cats named after the seven dwarfs becomes I am an animal lover, I once got drunk and wound up on a train to Edinburgh becomes I very much enjoy travelling, I read the entire Twilight saga in one weekend becomes I love nothing more than curling up with a good book etc. However, the one thing guaranteed to go down well in both situations is the phrase 'I do enjoy cooking especially making cakes'.
Once that first interview/date is over you then spend the next few days after it praying that the person will contact you to arrange a second. If they do you are over the moon, if they don't you spend the next day in your PJs eating chocolate and watching Bridget Jones Diary wondering what exactly it is that you did wrong.
However, after numerous applications and several interviews/first dates you eventually managed to impress and finally hear the words 'congratulations you got the job!' meaning that at least for a bit you will be free of the stress of applications and interviews/first dates. It also means that you can now sit and slowly become one of those smug happy people who use parties as an opportunity to try and set their single/unemployed friends up on dates/interviews.
So it would seem that the worlds of Job Hunting and the world of Dating are very similar indeed and thus show a use of transferable skills.

NB If you are a future employer I do not own seven cats named after the seven dwarfs that would be sad! It's actually five and they're named after the lads from One Direction. :P

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