Thursday, 28 March 2013

Funemployment 11 - Job Centre Revisited

Now I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due and it is to this end that you, dear reader, may have noticed a lack in amusing and critical posts about my adventures at the Job Centre. This is because since my last birthday I have been sent to another part of the Job Centre where my adviser is actually helpful and competent.
Having gotten another year older, and I would like to think another year wiser, has meant that now I am placed in a different category by the Department of Work and Pensions. At first the realisation that I am no longer in the 'youth' category induced a mild Dorian Gray-esque panic and made me wish that I too could track down Basil Hallward and get my own portrait painted. However, once this panic had subsided I began to realise that my last experience at the Job Centre had been very different now that I am not a 'youth'.
For one thing in my last few visits I have seen the same adviser, note please the lack of '', meaning that someone is actually keeping track of my progress, can remember whether or not I have had any interviews and is able to actually advise me. No more do I dread comments such as 'so you speak Russian, have you thought about MI6?' or 'what's a Masters degree?' or 'are you planning to ever work in your native country?'.
Another thing that I noticed was the treatment I received. The adviser listened to my responses to their questions meaning that an actual conversation took place, rather than a series of rather unhelpful quips. I was also made to feel like I was there because I had fallen on hard times and that this was a temporary situation rather than when I was a 'youth' who was clearly there to steal money from the taxpayer in order to buy fags, bargain booze and sweat pants with 'juicy' across the bum before performing in an antisocial way that would mean I would grace the pages of the Daily Mail.
To me it is very interesting that simply because some time has passed means that my treatment at the Job Centre is different. In essence I am still the same person, I hold the same beliefs, same attitude to work but now I am treated like an adult. Either they now view me as an adult or the Job Centre have found my blog posts and have taken my criticisms on board, but this seems very unlikely given that some of my previous 'advisers' didn't seem very computer literate.
While this does mean that my adviser is helping me get a step closer to employment it does mean a distinct lack of material for humorous blog posts. Luckily, however, strange things seem to just happen to me and weird people seem to follow me around, so if things get really bad then I shall simply begin a series entitled 'Laura's adventures on the bus'. But for now, the job hunt continues.

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