Saturday, 26 January 2013

WRF rasies money for iOrphan

Russian and CIS charity iOrphan will be celebrating a £600 contribution to their cause following a Westminster Russia Forum fundraising dinner earlier this month.

The group’s ‘Old New Year’ Dinner was timed to coincide with the Russian Orthodox New Year which falls on 14th January, and featured Human Rights spokesman and former Ambassador Craig Murray as guest speaker at the sell-out event in SamarQand Restaurant, London.  Profits from ticket sales and a raffle totalling £600 went directly to iOrphan.

The charity provides basic necessities and shelter to orphans and homeless children living in the former Soviet Bloc countries whilst also encouraging them to gain skills and become self-supporting functional members of society. The money raised on the evening will go to supporting the good work being done by volunteers at three orphanages in Kostroma, a historic town around 200 miles East of Moscow.

Richard Peers, of iOprhan UK said:

“Despite the increasing efforts of the Russian government to help find families for the children living in orphanages, most of the children are in desperate need of the love and attention, and no matter how hard the orphanage staffs try there simply are not enough of them, not enough money, and frankly, not enough hours in the day to support their needs.  That’s where we come in–we help, we don’t solve.  We work with local Russians to give kids some of the opportunities they need in the meantime.”

Richard Royal, Chairman of Westminster Russia Forum added:

“It was a fantastic evening with great food, company and speeches. But most importantly we helped to raise money for this very important charity. It may only be a drop in the ocean at the moment but if what we have gained from just one event can help in some way, we’re very proud of that.”

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