Wednesday, 12 December 2012

iOrphan Charity Dinner

Over the summer I wrote my MA Dissertation on the subject of Childhood in Post-Soviet Russian Cinema. Despite my initial thoughts that this would be a rather jolly subject matter I quickly learnt that this is sometimes not the case. One section of my dissertation focused on the issue of orphans in Russia and how they are represented in film.
One website that I used while doing the research for the section on orphans was iOrphan.On January 14th 2013 iOrphan will be hosting a fundraising dinner at Samarqand Restaurant in London. The guest speaker will be Craig Murray the former Ambassador to Uzbekistan who will be sharing some of his experiences of his time there. 
The event looks set to be a great one and luckily there are some tickets still available. To buy tickets and help raise funds for this worthy charity click here.

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