Thursday, 13 December 2012

Funemployment Part 2 - Skillz

It has been a couple more days and I am still funemployed and still having to rest, dropping that box on my foot clearly did not help the healing process, so I have decided to harness social media and use my blog as a way to find a job. My JSA agreement states that I have to actively look for work so I am hoping that this counts. In this post I am going to list all of my skills and hope that this will impress any future employers enough to hire me. 

I have an MA (Hons) and BA (Hons) in Russian Studies from University College London.
A-Levels, GCSEs, Additional Maths and various Language Qualifications.

English - Native Speaker
Russian - Near Fluent
French - A-level
Czech - GCSE/A-Level
Welsh - Odd Words and Phrases

Written For:
In my time as a blogger I have written for my blog, Voices of the 7 Billion, UCL Conservative Society, UCL Chocolate Society, The Hackery Blog, and the TRG blog.

Events Manager for CFoR, Social Sec for UCL Conservatives, Website and Publicity for UCL Conservatives, Tastings Officer and Publicity for UCL Chocolate Society, Deputy Area Chairman for Bristol and Gloucestershire CF.
I have campaigned in Local Council Elections, By Elections, General Elections, and both Boris Mayoral Campaigns.
I am currently listed in the Top 50 Conservative Bloggers in the TP Guide to Political Blogging, and have featured in that list since 2008.

I worked the entire time I was studying for my MA in order to pay my way through University.
I have lived in Russia and travelled as far East as Siberia, South as the Caucasus Mountains, North as Saint Petersburg and West as Moscow.
I can cook, sew, knit as well as wire a fuse and assemble my own furniture.
I play Violin and Piano.
I am first aid trained meaning that I have the knowledge to potentially save a life.

Let the job hunt continue...

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Damon Lord said...

Not able to offer a job myself, but good luck!