Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Funemployment Part 1

As of November 30th at 4pm I became unemployed, or as my housemate has dubbed it 'funemployed.' Since then, aside from registering for JSA and job hunting, I have also had an operation on my foot, which has slightly hampered my ability to literally look for work. Especially since I was explicitly told by the NHS to keep my foot elevated and to rest. Anyone who knows me well will know that me and sitting still just don't happen. 
Anyway, as it turns out my foot hurts so much that walking or running around is physically impossible, so my attentions have turned to filling my time with other activities to stop myself from going crazy. 
After several Google searching for 'Jobs Using Russian' and several pages of results suggesting that I either become a Nanny or register as a Love Bride, I decided it was time for a break. It was at this point that my eyes fell upon my craft box. A box I have had for as long as I can remember which contains all of my arts and crafts materials. A box which I have not opened properly since I began to study for MA and work to put myself through University. A box which now has kept me amused for the last week and stopped me from going stir crazy.
Since opening Pandora's Box, as this box shall now be called, I have become slightly obsessed with arts and crafts to the extent that in the last week I have made; 5 name badges, decorated 12 Christmas tree baubles, embroider one card, one picture and near completed embroidering two cross stitch patterns, planned out two cushion covers and two aprons, and continued knitting myself a blanket. I have also baked 1 cake and 2 batches of ginger biscuits, the only thing stopping me from working my way through my reciepe book is the fact that standing for long periods of time hurts my foot.
The conclusion to this piece is that being funemployed and being under enforced bed rest do not mix and that I need some kind of occupation to do. As my foot continues to get better, leaving aside earlier when I dropped a box on it, I can start to physically job hunt until then it is back to arts and crafts. If anyone has any requests for things they want me to make send them in, or if anyone would like to employ me that would also be great.

Things I have made thus far;

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