Thursday, 1 November 2012

Public Transport Fail

After living in London for several years I am used to travelling on public transport and have become accustom to all of the unwritten rules - do not talk, do not make eye contact etc. I have also learnt that the best thing to do if you want an enjoyable journey is to listen music. Doing this will drown out screaming babies, vacuous conversations, and mean that you are generally left alone on your journey.
To this end, I have a play list designed specifically for public transport it is a compilation of some of my favourite tracks and ones that are good at drowning out other noise. However, it is this play list that also lead to a somewhat awkward incident while travelling home from work.
On this particular bus trip the bus was filled with annoying, noisy school children and screaming babies. Realising this I turned to my trusty favourites play list and instantly was met with the sound of My Chemical Romance and all the other noise was instantly gone. MCR turned to The Vaccines, then to the Manic Street Preachers. My music must have been pretty loud as when I first started listening the woman sat next to me looked at me and sighed slightly, but I didn't really care as the 'children' had just changed to the topic of X-Factor and there was no way in hell I was going to listen to that.
All was going fine on my trip home until the track changed and I realised, to my horror, that on this play list I had added One Direction. No word of a lie as the track started five different people on the bus turned round to look at me in surprise, amazement and disbelief that the girl who had been sat listening to the angry rock was now listening to cheesy pop. The worst bit was that my iPhone then got stuck in my pocket and I was unable to change the track back to some Rammstein and save face.Fail.
It is indeed a sad moment when even a group of thirteen-year-olds are laughing at your choice of music and old people are looking at you slightly bemusedly. Sad times indeed.

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