Friday, 26 October 2012


Being sick sucks. Fact. Ever since last week I have not felt great and it would appear that being that almost everyone I know is either ill, or just been ill, it would appear that I have caught whatever it is that is going around. Those of a more conspiracy theory bent would note the correlation between the fog descending and sickness beginning, but I just think this is coincidence.
Like I said, being sick sucks, I have now been ill for most of this week, had to phone in sick to work, cancel going to a party I had been looking forward to since September, and basically stay in bed resting. By now I have exhausted everything on iPlayer, Sidereel and 4OD. So bored and lacking distraction am I that I am almost considering braving the educational sections of these sites. The worst bit is I feel so rough that not even a nice depressing Russian film can cheer me up. 
I am an active person and am used to rushing round and always having somewhere to be, so being too ill to stand properly and unable to talk with out coughing like a Dickensian street urchin is not something I am overly enjoying. Yes, admittedly, at first having a valid excuse to sleep until noon was fun, but even that has lost its charm. 
The one joy in all of this is that the literary side to myself is beginning to understand the works of some of my favourite authors through the crazy, fever enduced dreams I have had. My personally favourite so far being one where a bunch of flowers I bought at the supermarket magically transformed into three purple cats who then attacked me, Master and Margarita anyone? 
I have also discovered one delightful recipe for a drink that can be used as a daytime alternative to my Saunders family solution (equal measures of lemon juice, honey, brandy and hot water in a mug - great for inducing sleep not so great if you need to work). In a pan warm OJ, honey and lemon juice, pour into a mug and drink. 
Hopefully drinking my weight in OJ, combined with enough drugs to start a pharmacy, will put me right, as enforced bedrest is slowly making me more and more like Sheldon when he is sick. As my mother would say 'better in the morning', let's hope so because boredom is not something I take to well.Suggestion for entertainment or tricks for getting better both welcome!

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