Monday, 22 October 2012

A Foggy Day in London Town

Today, as you may well have heard or gathered, was a foggy day in London Town (and the surrounding area for that matter too!). Flights were grounded, hair styles ruined, and while waiting for my bus to work I almost flagged down a lorry that from a murky distance looked very like the 210.
The fog, apart from shedding a very Dickensian air on London, was the cause of two events today. The first being that Michael Buble's song 'A Foggy Day in London Town' was near perpetually stuck in my head from about 7:15am until about 5 minutes ago when I decided to try and drive it out with My Chemical Romance, Cradle of Filth, and, to my abject shame, One Direction. Sadly even the dulcet tones of Gerrard Way or Harry Styles could not remove Michael Buble from my head and it looks like he is there to stay. Much in all as I do love a bit of Buble some variety would be nice.
The second, that it meant the postponement of my planned walk on Hampstead Heath. Since finishing University I have been near constantly asked 'so what now?', a question that takes some working out. Especially as I have now gotten bored of answerring either sensibly (Translator etc), sarcastically (dole queue), or creatively (Spearmint Rhino).  While anyone who knows me will tell you just how vehemently I hate walking, after a childhood spent in the West Country a walk can be a good way to clear the head and a chance to do some thinking undisturbed. For those of you not familiar with The Heath there are two things you need to know. One. It is utterly beautiful and is the one place in London where you can feeling like you are not in London but in the Country. Two. It is also a hot spot for crime, rape and other illicit activities. 
While perfectly safe during the day, at night it is very different. After several hours of hoping that the fog might burn off, it didn't and said walk was cancelled. This decision was also re-enforced once one of my co-workers pointed out that it probably was not a good idea to venture there during the fog as I may end up getting chased by people of ill repute and my walk could turn into a scene from the Russian horror film Gruz 200. 
So instead I opted for tea, Downton Abbey and PJs. Thinking on The Heath postponed until tomorrow when hopefully the fog will have disappeared and London can return to normal. Now, back to trying to get Buble out of my head and make some kind of logical life plan that does not hinge on me winning the Lotto or finding out I am the secret love child of a millionaire. Suggestions for either very welcome.

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