Sunday, 10 June 2012


Last week was my last week of term and of the year, it was also the last week that I shall be a student at UCL. After 6 years of studying for my BA (hons) and my MA (hons) I will not be returning in September. However, I am not totally free of University and study quite yet. I still have the mighty dissertation to conquer. At present all that stands between me becoming Laura-Rose Saunders BA (Hons) MA (Hons) is 10,000 words on childhood in Post-Soviet Russian Cinema.
While I have done most of the research, have all the ideas and a plan I still need to do the writing part. Sadly this means that there will be less time for me to devote to my blog. *snif* I can still be found blogging over at Voices where I write my weekly column entitled 'Weekly Round Up and Story of the Week.' I will be posting here sporadically, but normal blogging will not resume until after I have completed my dissertation.
In the mean time here is a video to keep you entertained;


janifeer austin said...

Really had a great time watching the video!
I wonder How to write a dissertation on tat difficult topic.

martha said...

me too that's wasn't to hard janifeer abut 10000 word dissertation is a difficult task to make in 2days