Sunday, 13 May 2012

Writers Wanted!

About a week ago my other Blog Voices of the 7 Billion experienced what can only be described as a total technological meltdown, which resulted in every post, page and user account being deleted. Thank you Wordpress. After a mild heart attack and bout of sobbing from Edward and I respectively, we decided to take our metaphorical lemons and make them into metaphorical lemonade. How you may ask? Well, we have decided to use this erm 'opportunity' to start over with the site.
All of our previous contributors have been contacted and many have been able to resubmit their articles so that we can create an 'archive' section to the site. However, Edward and I are now looking for people who want to contribute to our site. You can either choose to write on a weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc basis. No experience in writing or journalism is required as long as you can write to a good standard of English we will take you. We are both also happy to offer feedback and advice for those who want it. The site is non-aligned politically so those of any political persuasion can contribute and we are also looking for people to write about things other than politics.
If you think that you may be interested in writing for us then drop us a line we are on Facebook, Twitter and Email and we will send you more details about the project.

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