Sunday, 29 April 2012

Better Off with Boris

As May 3rd draws ever closer Londoners are being bombarded with literature about which candidate they should support in the Mayoral Election. Despite there being 7 candidates essentially this is a two horse race between the incumbent Mayor and Conservative Party Candidate Boris Johnson and the former Mayor and Labour Party Candidate Ken Livingstone.

While Boris has a manifesto for the various different areas that effect Londoners the cornerstone of his campaign rests in his 9 point plan for London. Boris’ 9 point plan includes the freezing of the Mayoral Part of Council Tax, the creation of 200,000 new jobs in the next four years, the reduction of Tube delays by 30% by 2015 and the placing of 1,000 more bobbies on the beat. I won’t bore you with the whole plan but to read it in full click here.

Over the last four years London has seen a lot of change but perhaps the most noticiable change to London is the introduction of the Boris Bikes – a scheme that allows Londoners to hop on a bike and cycle around London easily. It came as little surprise that Boris was in support of this scheme as he himself is an avid cycler. Speaking at the launch Boris is quoted as saying; ‘In 1904, 20 per cent of journeys were made by bicycle in London. I want to see a figure like that again.’ With the cost of fuel constantly rising there is a high chance that Boris’ wish will come true and it is great that the provision of a cycling scheme is already established within our capital.

The main contender to Boris in the London 2012 race is previous Mayor Ken Livingstone. The rivalry between these two dates back to the previous election in 2008 and it would seem that the tension between the two candidates is just as strong as before. In a recent radio interview the issue of tax evasion arose, something that Ken has been accused of on several occasions, this issue became so heated that the pair nearly came to blows. After the interview it was established that Boris has paid full income tax on his earnings while Ken has made use of tax avoidance schemes and owes roughly £50, 000 in unpaid taxes. Sadly this is not the only false accusation that has been leveled against Ken to see a full compilation click here.

Since being elected in 2008 Boris has kept 91% of his pre-election promises including lowering the crime rate by 10.8%, upgrading public transport in London and freezing Council Tax. In addition he has saved money by scrapping things like The Londoner, which cost £3.1 million a year. Boris’ record speaks for itself – after four years only 10 of his promises have not be fulfilled. Boris himself has said ‘it is vital Londoners
can trust their mayor to deliver on what they said they will.’ Something that he has proved he can do.

Polling day is but a mere 4 days away but there is still time to make an informed decision about who you should vote for on May 3rd. However, as far as I concerned London truly will be better off waking up on May 4th with Boris Johnson as its Mayor. Thus, for all the aforementioned reasons I will be Backing Boris on May 3rd and I hope that I have convinced you to do the same.

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