Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pasty for your thoughts?

Since last week's budget one of the biggest stories to hit the headlines is the fact that hot goods from places like Greggs will have 40p in tax slapped on them. At first it seemed like an attempt to stop people from eating there so as to try to curb the growing obesity problem, personally I am put off simply by the smell that wafts out of the place and price has nothing to do with it, but there we go to each their own.
However, since then it seems to have turned into a media witch hunt among members of the Government as to who eats at Greggs and who doesn't. Footage has 'suddenly' emerged of Awkward Ed, Call me Dave and Gosborne all either admitting to have the odd pasty or 'accidentally' getting caught nipping into a nearby pasty shop to nom on a large traditional.
The thing that leaves me baffled is to why this seems to be such an important issue. Seriously, who actually cares whether or not their MP likes a cheeky steak and bake for their lunch? I personally care more about what my MP is doing to represent me in the House of Commons, how they are spending my tax money and whether they happen to be banging their secretary when they should be working.
Further still surely there are better things that the media should be focusing on. While checking the headlines today I read stories about women who had survived being gang raped, how the British Economy is still basically buggered, how house prices are falling and how the UK is about to run out of petrol. Surely these are things MPs and the Press should be focusing on rather than trying to find out what the PMs favourite pastry dish is. I am often left confused by the world by this one has left me totally mystified. Rant over, back to the Russian films.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Essays and the like

Apologies for the lack of posts on my blog I am currently snowed under with Uni work, an epic essay and my MA dissertation. Random opinionated pieces will come as and when I have time. In the meantime my postings on Voice of the 7 Billion can be found by clicking here and I leave you with a video from a band whose music oddly seems to be very conducive to my work. Turns out listening to My Chemical Romance induces periods of creativity, clearly my mind is even more of a wonderful thing than I first thought. Who knew.