Thursday, 22 September 2011

Battling Oligarchs

This is a clip that has been doing the rounds on the Internet featuring owner of the Evening Standard and the Independent Aleksandr Lebedev punching fellow Oligarch Polonsky in the head during a TV debate. It would seem that Polonsky and Lebedev had been in a heated debated before the fight, but that in the end Polonsky finally pushed Lebedev over the edge. Polonsky can be heard to say that he is tired of debating with Lebedev and wants 'to punch him in the face'. Lebedev says something like 'well go on then try it', Polonsky doesn't but makes a retort then Lebedev lamps him one knocking him off his chair. The Presenter then calls for Security while a few screams, presumably from the Babs in the audience, can be heard.

Given that Lebedev used to be a member of the KGB winding him is probably not a smart idea. Anyway the scene is more akin to shows like Big Brother or Jeremy Kyle rather than a debating show. Still it is different from what we in the UK normally see during our debates and politics shows.

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