Monday, 6 June 2011

Sexy MPs

Previously I have blogged about how in other countries such as Russia those in power are held up as Sex Symbols (click here to read more) and I mentioned that in the UK this does not tend to happen. Well it would seem that I have been proved wrong.
Earlier this week my attention was directed to the website, created by Francis Boulle one of the stars from the Channel 4 show 'Made in Chelsea', the basic premise of the site is that two MPs are placed side by side and you have to click on the one you would prefer to sleep with. The results of your decision are recorded and a list of the Sexiest MPs in compiled. You can set the site to either 'mixed', 'male' or 'female'.
The site description says;
'In addition to my wanting to create a fun and memorable tool to help the British public get to know their Members of Parliament, I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to hold the first ever parliamentary beauty contest and find out once and for all which MPs and Parties have the most sex-appeal. Although I fully expect this to offend some people, this was never my intention and I hope you will see the funny side. '

Well Francis was correct I certainly have learned more about each MP and found that there are a few areas where I should maybe consider moving too should I ever get tired of London.
I must admit that I did have a lot of fun on this site voting for the various MPs and the little quirks that are included in the site for example John Bercow is listed as 'bi-curious' and one rather manly female MP is listed in the male section. The only problem I had while on the site is that a good proportion of the MPs are over 50 so it felt slightly wrong clicking to agree that I would sleep with one of them. But it is all in good fun and as long as none of them appear at my door to proposition me it should be fine.

On last check of the site the Top Ten Sexiest UK male MPs were:
1. Chris Evans (Labour Co-op)
2. Robin Walker (Tory)
3. Joseph Johnson (Tory)
4. Ed Vaisey (Tory)
5. Chris Brine (Tory)
6. Jamie Reed (Labour)
7. Chris Skidmore (Tory)
8. Zac Goldsmith (Tory)
9. Chris Kelly (Tory)
10. Mark Harper (Tory)

While the Top Ten Sexiest female MPs were:
1. Eilidh Whiteford (SNP)
2. Caroline Dinenage (Tory)
3. Elizabeth Truss (Tory)
4. Claire Perry (Tory)
5. Nicola Blackwood (Tory)
6. Mary MacCleod (Tory)
7. Penny Mordaunt (Tory)
8. Susan Jones (Labour)
9. Charlotte Leslie (Tory)
10. Pamela Nash (Labour)

So it would seem that in each case the Tories have managed to produce the 'Sexiest' MPs. Another reason to Vote Tory? It could also be a new way to encourage voting; Come to the Polling station, Vote and your 'sexy MP will give you a kiss.

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