Tuesday, 14 June 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge

For the last 30 days on Facebook I have been doing The 30 Day Movie Challenge. The Challenge is simple - find an example for each of the questions. In some cases it is simple like 'what is your favourite movie?', but in other cases it was hard to think up a movie for example 'a movie you loved but now hate'. The problem I kept having was that every time I tried to think of a movie my mind went blank. Eventually after much thinking I compiled this as my 30 Day Movie Challenge list:

Day 1 - Your Favourite Movie (4 weddings and a funeral)

Day 2 - Your Least Favourite Movie (Nightmare on Elm Street Original)

Day 3 - A Movie That Makes You Happy (Enchanted)

Day 4 - A Movie That Makes You Sad (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1)

Day 5 - A Movie That Scares/Disturbs You (Gruz 200)

Day 6 - A Movie Starring Your Favourite Actor (A Driver for Vera or Lion King – very tough choice)

Day 7 - A Movie Starring Your Favourite Actress (Becoming Jane)

Day 8 - A Movie That Is A Guilty Pleasure (Twilight)

Day 9 - An Overrated Movie (Atonement)

Day 10 - Your Favourite Childhood Film (Beauty and the Beast)

Day 11 - A Movie That Describes Your Life (Legally Blonde)

Day 12 - A Movie That Makes You Laugh (Borat)

Day 13 - A Movie That You Used To Love But Now Hate - NA Can't think of one

Day 14 - A Movie With A Character You Can Really Relate To (Bridget Jones’ Diary)

Day 15 - A Movie That You Watch When You're Angry (Hairspray)

Day 16 - A Movie That You Watched In The Last Month (Lolita 1997 Version)

Day 17 - A Movie That You Don't Understand (any of the Mission Impossible films)

Day 18 - A Movie That You Wish You Could Star In (Master and Margarita)

Day 19 - A Movie You Wish Was Real (The Golden Compass – I want a daemon)

Day 20 - A Movie With An Actor/Actress You Would Marry If You Could (Made of Honour)

Day 21 - A Movie With A Character You Would Be Best Friends With In Real Life (Amazing Grace)

Day 22 - A Movie With A Character You Would Be Worst Enemies With In Real Life (Bride Wars – not a massive fan of Kate Hudson!)

Day 23 - A Movie That Shouldn't Have Been Made (Burnt by the Sun along with most things directed by Nikita Mikhailkov)

Day 24 - A Movie That Is On TV A Lot (The Great Escape)

Day 25 - A Movie That You Have Seen Over 5 Times (Night Watch)

Day 26 - A Movie That You Used To Be Scared Of (Watership Down)

Day 27 - A Movie With A Good Theme Tune (Casino Royale)

Day 28 - Your Mum's Favourite Movie (Casablanca)

Day 29 - Your Dad's Favourite Movie (The God Father)

Day 30 - Your Favourite Movie This Time Last Year (The Banishment/The Return)

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