Sunday, 8 May 2011

Twitter Unfollow

'Hello my name is Laura and I like to tweet.' Every since I created my twitter account I have been fascinated by the various trending topics, word games and community feel that it has to it. The other day I had something new directed my way. It's an app for Twitter called 'Who Unfollowed Me'. The basic idea is that you log in to your Twitter account via the site, it takes a note of who you are following and who is following you then next time you check back in it can tell you if anyone has stopped following you and gives you a list of the people who have unfollowed you.
Now this App seemed a little odd to me. Granted I am not a celeb so I do not have hundreds of thousands of followers, in fact I believe that at present I have 73. I consider this not a bad number for someone who has had their account less than a year and is just a regular person. I have noticed from time to time this number does change sometimes it's higher sometimes it's lower. However now with 'Who Unfollowed Me' I can find out exactly who has stopped following me.
Personally I feel that this is a totally pointless app designed for only the truly narcissistic. Who really cares whether someone has stopped following you? I don't! Most of my follows are people I've never met. People who follow you on Twitter are not like your real life friends. Why get upset about the fact that someone who you've never met has decided not to follow you anymore? There are better things to worry about like if you're real life friends stop 'following' you because you whine so much about your Twitter 'friends', or the economy, or the rising cost of fuel, or whether Ed Milliband's voice will be even nasalier after he's had his operation.
In short this app does not get my approval as it encourages people to spy on those following them and feel bad that they know who is not following them anymore. It's just as bad as when people get upset because one of their Facebook friends has defriended them. Seriously there is life outside of the Internet!

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