Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Importance of Being Laura

Recently I have been wondering whether or not my name 'Laura' appears in any famous works of literature, cinema, music or art. So I decided to Wikipedia myself and find out. I found out that the two most Famous Lauras are Laura Bush (George Bush's wife) and Laura Ingalls-Wilder (after whom I was named). Deciding to research further I learned that there are Lauras in the art, music and film world, however they are not quite as refined as I had hoped.
It turns out that there is a Saint Laura of Cordoba but she was only made a saint after she was boiled alive in hot oil. Nice. In the art world there is an Italian picture called 'Laura Giorgione' it is not quite as I had expected click here to see.
Perhaps the lowest point in my search to see where else my name had been used was in a 1979 French film called 'Laura'. The plot is as follows:
'James Mitchell plays Paul Wyler, a successful sculptor best known for sculpting nude young girls. When he encounters an old flame, Sarah , he is so smitten by her beautiful daughter Laura that he asks Sarah if she will pose for him. Sarah, married but still jealous of the fact that her former lover is more attracted to her daughter, tells Paul that Laura is not interested, even though she is actually quite enthusiastic about doing it. As an alternative to live posing, Sarah takes photos of Laura posing nude and gives them to Paul so that he can sculpt Laura. After a fire at an art exhibit, though, Paul goes blind and cannot complete the sculpture. In the end, Laura, when going to say goodbye to Paul, allows him to finish his work by feeling her body and sculpting by feeling. This leads to a sexual encounter between the two, and the next morning Laura's mother comes to take her away.'
It was at this point I decided to turn to Music for hope. In terms of music the most obvious song is of course 'Laura' by the Scissor Sisters, but I also found this song by a band called Single File called 'Hey Laura' I think the song is pretty awesome:
I also learnt that I am an area in Poland, a river in the Ukraine/Romania, a town in Canada, the USA and the Marshall Islands and a town and a river in Australia. I am also a family car, an asteroid and a detective novel by Vera Caspary. So it would seem that in terms of the art world Lauras seem to be involved with nudity, but we also seem to be popular place names.

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