Saturday, 7 May 2011


The votes have been cast, the results are in and the referendum to decide whether or not to switch to AV has been decided. It would appear that the 'Yes to AV' camp have literally been destroyed. According to the results on the Telegraph website only 10 constituencies had Yes as the winner. They are Camden (my area Yes but by only 2000), Islington, Haringey, Hackney, Lambeth, Southwark(but by only 2000 votes), Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow Kelvin and Edinburgh Central (but by less than 1000 votes). It would seem that of those ten three were very close votes. It is very interesting to see that despite the fact that both Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg backing the Yes to AV campaign and only David Cameron supporting No to AV the No vote won.
The one highlight of the results was that Ed Milliband's constituency of Doncaster Yes got ~28,000 whereas No got 58,000 and Nick Clegg's constituency of Sheffield Yes got ~61,000 while No got ~99,000. Blushes all round it would seem. Another victory for Calamity Clegg and Awkward Ed.
I do feel that I need to not that both campaigns did work hard to promote and try to persuade, it would just seem that common sense won out in the end. Of all the videos and leaflets that I saw on the campaign below has to be my favourite:

Now that we're sorted out this AV referendum maybe it's time for one on the EU? An issue that a lot more people have opinions on.

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