Monday, 7 March 2011

A short history of UCL

I was recently sent this web page giving the unofficial history UCL. I found bits of it very funny and thought would share them. For the full article go here.
“Still can't believe they actually accepted my UCAS application, boss.” ~ Gandhi
University College London remains the only academic institution to be run by a living specimen of the 70's Porn Moustache.
University College London was founded by a group of monks in the 13th century, who, sick of being celibate in Oxbridge, decided to found a secret, more liberal university.
UCL received its name in 1826, after philosopher and Oxbridge reject Jeremy Bentham had five too many drinks and decided to develop his own university. He could not make up his mind whether it should be a 'university' or 'college', and he put in both so that his intelligence would not be challenged.

UCL Facts:
  • Percentage of students smarter than those at King's College London: 100%.
  • Percentage of students who rejected offers from King's College London: 100%.
  • Percentage of students who got rejected by Imperial College London because they had a personality: 100%.
So now you know a few details and facts about my Uni.

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