Sunday, 13 February 2011

Putin Pictures

I have noticed that in this Country people don't seem to discuss the physical appearance or 'sexiness' of MPs and those in power. Partly this is not a real shock to me given that most of the 'stunners' in politics seem to come from the female side and most of the males are over weight and balding. So sadly unless this is what titillates you (which I would like to add it does not for me give me R Patz or Ben Barnes anyday) then politics is not the area to go for the stunners. The other problem is that most of them seem to be married so even if they are game for an affair like 'Shagger Strathclyde' or 'Boris the Bonker' then they don't want it getting out so you can't even tell anyone.
It seems that the two countries to live in if you want to either openly discuss the appearance of your Political leaders or indeed actually have sex with them are Italy and Russia. I don't really think that any real explanation needs to be given with regards to Italy. For anyone reading who does not understand simply Google 'Burlisconi' and 'Sex'. The list of results will be pretty endless. However with regards to Russia I will provide evidence.
While living in Moscow I did notice Babs tend to comment on how Putin is such a wonderful leader because of the fact that he does Judo and likes to go hunting. There is a song about how great he is and newspapers do seem to regularly show pictures of him topless while out hunting. Recently I was sent a link to this site where you can see '24 cute pictures of Putin with animals'. It seems very strange to me that articles like this are published. I don't think I have ever read an article in a UK newspaper about how attractive a politician is. I have read about their misdemeanours, policies and antics many a time but never about how sexy they are. May be I have found my niche in the market, but then again having just looked at a picture of the Cabinet it may be a harder task than I thought.

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