Friday, 22 October 2010

Pub Quiz

If you are ever bored on a Thursday night and looking for something to do I would highly recommend the pub quiz night at Steele's pub on Havistock Hill, Hampstead. Last night a few friends and I took part. Entrance was a pound per person and the total off all entrants is the prize fund for the night.
The quiz is comprised of a picture round, 30 general knowledge questions then a gambling round. Each team has to decide has to decide how many points to gamble then answer either a popular culture or a general knowledge question. This is then followed by a double or nothing round. Sadly my friends and I did not win but came in second resulting in us winning a round of drinks on the house.
After the quiz there is a bonus round where anyone who purchases a raffle ticket can take part. The first ticket drawn has the chance to answer a general knowledge question for a chance to win some money. Should this person fail to answer correctly then another ticket is drawn and the second person has a chance to win twenty pounds playing a round of higher or lower. At last night's quiz I was picked for this round and either through blind luck or brilliant skill managed to guess all seven cards correctly and win twenty pounds. Get in!. Free drink and twenty quid! Should probs have a crack at the lottery since I seem to be on a lucky streak :P

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