Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ban Comic Sans?

While on the BBC website I read an interesting but bizarre article about how a couple in America are trying to ban the font Comic Sans. According to the BBC they have founded a website called bancomicsans.com and their reasons for trying to ban this font are that using comic sans is "analogous to showing up for a black tie event in a clown costume". Other reasons for wanting to ban this font is that it is primary associated with school fates, church parish news letters and other more low budget events.
To be honest I have no real feeling either way towards Comic Sans it seems like a nice font and I personally have never looked through the font selection on word when I have been writing and essay and been morally disgusted by any of them. Some of them I struggle read but I would never go so far as to actively campaign to get it removed from all Microsoft programmes. I have better things to do with my time. To me it seems that this is a classic case of people having too much time on their hands. If you are going to protest about something at least make it worthwhile or an actual cause like protecting an endangered species, trying to help a third world country or encouraging people to recycle. Don't waste your time on such a pointless cause if you don't like a font just don't use rather than spending your time whining about it.

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