Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hit-and-run in Belsize park

I have recently moved back to London to continue my studies at UCL and after a massive property search in various areas of London. I found a room in a flatshare in the Hampstead area of London. Compared with some other areas of London I thought that this area would be safe especially when returning home after dark, and that the only danger I'd have to lookout for would be George Michael driving his car while high. However after today I am not quite so sure.
This extract of the coverage of the events of today has been taken from the BBC Website:

'Hit-and-run victim was 'dragged a mile' to Belsize Park

A woman who was killed in a hit-and-run incident had been dragged under the vehicle for about a mile, police said.
Metropolitan Police were called to Haverstock Hill near Belsize Park Tube station at about 0155 BST where the body of the 20-year-old was found.It is believed she was hit in front of the Royal Free Hospital then dragged for a mile to Downside Crescent.
Officers said it was possible the driver, who did not stop, may not have known that someone had been hit.
A Met spokesman said: "It appears that the vehicle travelled west up Pond Street, NW3, and past the front of the Royal Free hospital where we believe she was hit.
"The vehicle is believed to have then turned left into Haverstock Hill, travelling south.
"The victim was found near the junction with Downside Crescent (just south of Belsize Park tube). It appears that the victim was dragged about a mile from where she was hit."
Haverstock Hill and Belsize Park Tube station were closed for much of the day to allow for forensic investigations.'

Hopefully this is an isolated incident and the police will be able to solve this crime soon.