Sunday, 19 September 2010

Adopt a animal

Recently on TV the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) have been running a campaign for viewers to adopt an animal for only £3 a month. Obviously, and in some cases sadly, you do not actually get the animal to keep and look after in your home but the money you donate goes to help preserve their habitat and ensure their survival in the future.
After checking on the WWF Website I found out that it is possible to adopt any of the following; Panda, Polar Bear, Orangutan, Dolphin, Tiger, Elephant, Rhino, Amur Leopard, Turtle or Penguin. My first choice was to opt for the Giant Panda as I have often heard about how they are targetted by poachers etc etc and also because they are very cute. However after havign done some research on them and found this video I changed my mind slightly:

I decided instead to opt for adopting a Tiger. This choice would come as no surprise to regular readers who know of my fondness for cats. For me donating and helping charities is important whether they be for the animals, children or medical research organisations. £3 a month is not much and could make a big difference.

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