Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Family only seating on planes

It was announced earlier in the week in a recent pole that the most annoying thing for aeroplane passengers is having babies/children crying or screaming during a flight. This announcement has now raised the issue of whether companies should change their planes and create a families only area. After all most airlines already have separate seating areas for first class passengers so surely have a families only area wouldn't be so hard to do.
As a childless person I like the sound of this idea. For me there is nothing worse than being stuck on a long flight with a screaming child sat near you. By locating all children in one area it would mean that for passengers like me the flight would not be spent with a child screaming for the whole trip. The other plus is that the family areas could be adapted specially for children e.g. with cots, children's toys and television shows playing on the in flight televisions.
Although it would cost for companies to make new planes or adapt their existing ones to have special family only areas if passengers knew that their flight would not be disrupted by screaming children it would probably mean that they were more likely to fly with that company. I know I would.

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