Wednesday, 11 August 2010

4 ears are better than 2

After having a quick scan through the headlines earlier today I came across a story about a 4 eared cat called 'Luntik' who lives in Vladivostok. The article says that this was a craze in the 1970s and that Luntik is not the only one of his kind. The ears appear to only be there as 'decoration' and don't have any of the neccissary bits needed for hearing. At present little Luntik is homeless and lives in a garage being so cute he should fine himself a home soon.
For those of you who are wondering why he is called Luntik I am guessing that it is after the four eared Russian cartoon character Luntik (picture below). Luntik in the cartoon series is a creater from the moon who fell to Earth and is now going around exploring it. His unique appearance makes him different from all the other characters he meets on Earth. It would seem who ever named him has named him well.

Original Luntik:

Luntik the Cat:

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