Sunday, 13 June 2010


Well it looks like the World Cup is upon us again. The signs of this are England flags everywhere, the impossibility of finding beer and/or junk food in the supermarket and every single chocolate bar or crisp packet having some sort of sport related competition on it. I am not massively knowledgeable about 'the beautiful game' but I do enjoy it when a big tournament is on. Whether this is real, genuine desire to watch or simply my brain being washed by all the hype anyway for the next few weeks I will be a self-professed expert and shamelessly air my views on the topic at any given point, like the rest of the population on the UK. Here's an example - England played the USA yesterday and drew rather than beating the 'yanks', they cheated and we should have won.
Stay tuned for more footie related opinions as the World Cup continues. Come on England!

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