Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Footie (3)

Well it's all over for England. Third match against Slovenia looked promising as the final score was 1-0 however the team still did not demonstrate the require skill that a world class team should. This lack of skill was evident when we played Germany and lost 4-1, or rather 4-2 as it should have been had the ref not been so blind.
The Lampard goal raised two issues; the first - England's lack of ability to really score a goal after all it did bounce two or three times prior to crossing the line rather than simply directly going in. And two that technology should be introduced into the refereeing of football matches. It's the 21st century, lots of money is spent on the game the least that can happen is that an accurate result and decision is given.
Now that England have been thoroughly defeated and publicly embarrassed as a team maybe the players might focus more and play as a team rather than as a group of over payed individuals.
The are many ways that the blame for this defeat can go Fabio - bad coaching and being compromised (he's Italian and Italy play in this championship), the Labour Government - the removal of competitive sport and thus the lack of players amongst the younger generation, the ref - disallowing the Lampard goal, but I think that most of all the players are to blame. Footballers seem more interested in materialism and their public image rather than doing what they are paid to do - score goal and win matches.
The footie might be over but there's still the cricket, Wimbledon and for all those Twihards the Eclipse premiere on Friday so no need to sink into a depression yet.

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