Friday, 18 June 2010

Footie (2)

Whenever there is a World Cup, or any other international sporting event, hopes are always high that England will do as well as we hope and win the competition. The last match against the USA was a draw but there was some hope in the fact that we scored after 4 minutes. Yesterday's draw saw none of the same hope and has been deemed by many as 'the worst match ever played by an England team'. To this statement I agree whole heartedly.
In post-match interviews the players complained that they were off focus or not prepared etc etc however it is their job to kick a ball around a pitch for 90 minutes and SCORE goals, not attempt to actually score them. Considering that they are paid millions of pounds a year to do this the excuse 'we weren't prepared' doesn't quite cut it. In any other profession you would be repromanded or even fired.
At present the Government is looking for ways to cut the deficit and reduce national debt, perhaps they should take the money paid to the England football team and use it to pay off our debt. I rather have a doctor who has the space and medicines to treat me than watch an over paid nancy boy around a pitch for 90 minutes failing to score a goal. Not being paid might motivate the England side to stop behaving like a bunch of egotistical individuals and instead work as a team and actually win some matches then I would be proud to chant that 'I'm England til I die'.

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