Saturday, 6 February 2010


Tomorrow in London's Potter's Field it will be time to celebrate all things Russian with the London Maslenitsa Festival. For those interested in going the nearest underground stop is London Bridge and the event is from 1pm until 6pm. Entry to this event is free!
The online advert says that there will be live music, events for children and much much more! In the past I went to the London Russian winter festival and got to watch artists like DDT and even Dima Bilan made an appearance. Last year the event changed to the Maslenitsa festival to celebrate the week long version of our pancake day rather than Old Russian New Year. In Russia this was a really big event with a similar outdoor festival just behind Saint Basil's Cathedral.
Hopefully this event will be just as good as in previous years and may be even better as the website says traditional Russian 'blini' will be on sale. Event review to follow.

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