Monday, 8 February 2010

Maslenitsa Event Review

As previously mentioned on my blog Sunday was the Russian Maslenitsa festival held in Pottersfield Park just behind city hall. Now I really wasn't sure what to expect from this festival I had previously been to the Russian Winter Festival that used to be held to celebrate Old Russian New Year; an event that I had previously very much enjoyed, and I was not disappointed by this variation on a theme.
The event was free and as I walked in I was handed numerous free Russian Language newspapers (reading practise for later) and met with the smells emanating from various food kiosks selling shaskliks, blini, beer and vodka. There were other stalls too selling various Russian products like matryoshki and Russian hats. As well as women dressed in traditional Russian costume. It very much felt like I was back in Moscow and not standing in a freezing cold park in London. All the while there was a free concert going on. Sadly because it was so cold I only managed to hold out long enough to hear a group called Posle 11 (After 11) and eat a blini before retreating home.
Admittedly aside from listening to the concert there was not a huge amount else to do but it was a great opportunity to see some Russian culture and hear some great live Russian music. A must to attend next year.