Friday, 29 January 2010

Tesco ban on pyjamas

I thought that this might have been some kind of student joke when I got an invite to a Facebook group entitled 'I am not going to Tesco unless I can wear my pyjamas' but after going to the BBC new site I found out it is true. It turns out that Tesco has banned shoppers in Cardiff from wearing 'night wear' or coming 'bare foot' into their store due to concerns that half dressed people might offend the other customers. Fair enough if your idea of night wear is a pair of y-fronts and woolly bed socks but full pyjamas surely could not upset anyone.
If this were to become a nationwide policy then I cannot see it being very popular as I have regularly seen students in my local Tesco who have just popped in for something wearing pyjama bottoms instead of jeans or trousers. I do not think this would go down well with the student population if this were brought in here.

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