Saturday, 12 December 2009

Zamiatin Specialists needed!

Once again it's the end of term and once again that means 'End of Term Essays'. Now I have no problem with writing end of term essays, especially this year as the deadline is next term rather than Friday, we get told about them from the first day of term and it's a way that we can prove that we have actually been working all term etc.
So once again I basically move into the SSEES library and the Senate House library to read, watch films and generally research my essays however this year the most annoying thing is thatone of the authors I want to write about only has about 10 books of critical literature on him and most of those are for a text I am NOT writing on.
This is a plea if anyone is a Zamiatin specialist please write more secondary texts on him and his work, because then it would make my essay so much easier to write!

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