Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Stabbing on Tottenham Court Road

Earlier today some very strange events occurred and I didn't find out exactly what happened until I went to the pub. I left Uni to go home to find that Grafton Way was police taped off and saw someone being wheeled away. Not thinking anything of it as the Police tape off areas of London all the time and Grafton way has UCH on it so seeing someone being wheeled is also not strange.
However upon leaving home later that evening I saw that not only was Grafton Way still taped off but now the whole of Tottenham Court Road was filled with empty buses that were parked in the way. I thought it was a bus strike and was the bus drivers way of protesting. But as I walked further down Tottenham Court Road I saw that other bits of the road were cornered off and that the Police were not doing anything to move the buses blocking the road. So I called Simon and asked him to check on the internet to see what had happened as by now I was slightly worried that we had had another Litvenyeko incident as I saw men in white suits walking around.
When I met up with my friends it turned out that someone had been stabbed in that area, aledgedly outside of the MacDonald's on Warren Street, or at the very least in the vecinity. Upon returning home and recrossing Tottenham Court Road everything had been cleared up and it was back to normal.
This goes to show that once again my life is not as boring as I thought it was and that clearly knife crime is clearly a problem still in London and not just in South London! I will not know the details until it is reported in the News as I am a student and not a journalist, but I just hope that the person stabbed is alright and that the police catch the person that did this.


TurboCretin said...

Sorry, typed this subject into google and your blog popped up. I'm at UCL as well, living on grafton way. I think it happened on grafton way, as they taped up our entire street for a while..

Laura-Rose said...

Ah ok. Thanks! Like I said my source was a group of people in a pub hence details being slightly inaccurate adn sketchy.