Monday, 2 November 2009

Postal strike

It seems that almost every month a different group of people feel the need to go on strike until their demands are met, the one that usually affectings me as a Londoner are when the Tube drivers go on strike usually demanding higher pay (you get like £40,000 a year get over it some of us students get only £6,000 to live off and survive, seriously grow up and get back to work) but at the minute the posties have gone on strike.
While I was on facebook I came across this little gem that somes up how a lots of people are probably feeling:

'Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his unionised cat.... Early in the morning,They're still in bed a-snoring, And I'm wondering where's my post you f***ing twat.'

I often wonder what would happen if everyone went on strike at the same time and how long it would take before chaos and mass riots broke out. Given the current climate probably about 2 days.
Strikes may have worked in the past but now all they seem to do is annoy people, and annoyed people are not people who are going to want to give you what you want. Instead may be try having a civil conversation and trying to work it out that way rather than throwing toys out of the pram and stopping me from getting my post through.

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