Thursday, 8 October 2009

Oh that's interesting!

Two bits of interesting news that I found out today/yesterday that have improved my mood since being woke at 7:30am this morning by a stupid fire drill. I know that these save lives etc but did they have to do it on the one day that I don't have to be at class until 1pm?
Anyway the first bit of good news is that there is only 4 days until Spooks series 7 is available for sale on Amazon priced at around £25. As a huge fan who has all the box sets this is awesome I don't have a TV so watch DVDs instead. In short 4 days until we can find out what the Russians did with Harry and Richard Armitage will once again grace my laptop screen. :)
The second is that according to the Times Newspaper UCL is the 4th best University in the World and Second best in the country beating Oxford and Imperial College London :D. It seems that each year that I am here that UCL moves higher up the league tables. Who knows maybe next year we could be better than Cambridge Uni!


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