Monday, 6 July 2009

Little Old Ladies

It has now been about three weeks since I left Russia and returned to the UK and there have been many things that I have now started to notice that I missed or now appreciate having returned. The obvious ones being that fact I now have a working shower, shower curtain, tasty English food, Gin, roast dinners, chip shops, actual clothes shops rather than dodgy markets, gin, my cats, may family, the Internet at home, the fact that people smile, people say please and thank you, people understand me, it's not snowing, gin, my pink phone, pound coins, my teddy bears, I can drive again, I don't have to use taxis/mashrutkas/trams/buses/trolleybuses with no seat belts driven by mad Russian, gin and lastly NICE Little Old Ladies.
This past week I started my new job and each day I get a lunch break where I can wander off into Cheltenham in search of food and then eat said food where ever I so choose. Last week as it was sunny I felt that grabbing a sandwich and eating outside in the sun was the best option as after all we are in the UK so who knows when we will see the sun. Anyway while I was eating I was joined by a lovely little old lady who decided to sit down next to me and just start talking to me. Initially it was about the buskers that she seemed to like but I in fact hated and was mentally thinking of ways to ban them if I ever began supreme world over lord. The conversation then moved on to things like wasn't the weather lovely, wasn't my dress pretty, was I a student etc I then told her a few stories about my year in Russia and travelling in general.
Now I have no clue who this lady was, she may have been mad, lonely or, as I choose to believe, friendly and just decided to chat to the girl sat next to her. It was however something that I had missed- just having people have a chat to you while are both on a train, a plane or having lunch. In Russia it was usually mad old Babs asking me stupid questions about why I wasn't married and if I wanted to marry their son and other such ridiculous topics. After nearly a year of this I forgot that their English versions are more likely to offer you a cup of tea and a Kitkat than yell at you.
Of all the things listed above it is one of the things that I missed most- people being friendly, well that and gin. For me the world would be a nicer place if everyone just had a chat or said hello to each other without it being thought of as weird or being done for some hidden agenda.

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