Sunday, 7 June 2009

Vladimir and Suzdal adventures (part 3)

Sunday also dawned rainy, overcast and generally miserable but once again we were determined to have fun. After another rather interesting breakfast that once again consisted of kasha, cheese, bread, meat and today fruit and peppers we checked out and headed off to see the various sites of Vladimir.
Vladimir like Suzdal didn’t really have a huge amount to do unless you had an interest in churches. The view for the top of the hill was amazing endless green fields for a mile around only broken up by railway lines and a river. By guide book described it as not worth going to but I would definitely not agree Vladimir may have been very industrial but the views and the churches were beautiful.
After exploring the churches and accidentally stumbling across an outdoor Russian Orthodox service we explored further and found an empty field next to a viewing tower than annoyingly enough was under remont and was thus closed.
In my view the hi-light of the trip was our trip to the low budget Russian version of MacDonald’s- ‘Mister Gamburger’. Now it has become something of a tradition to eat fast food in each town that we travel to and being that we could not find a MacDonald’s Mister Gamburger had to be its replacement. My expectations were not that high but this meal really was the worst experience with Russian cuisine I have ever had. The lettuce had been replaced by cabbage, the bun was a roll, the sauce was garlic flavoured and the chicken was most likely dog. In short if you ever happen to be in Vladimir you’d probably do better just not eating rather than going to this place.
Feeling somewhat ill after this dining experience we headed home on the electritchka, this time we had had the sense to buy our tickets in advance so we didn’t get stuck in Vladimir and end up having to stay another night in the Hotel Vladimir.
I think it is safe to say that travelling in Russia is always eventful as previous posts have shown but I think this weekend was definitely the most eventful by far. This last experience in Vladimir has also replaced the last one with a totally new and much for amusing one. I only have a few days left in Moscow am hoping they will be good but also provide me with lots of stories to blog about but for now it’s time to relax and go and watch Golden Eye while I prepare my next post about Petersburg.

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