Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Woman's day

During my time here in Russia I have experienced a wide variety of weird and wonderful things, not to mention joining in numerous celebrations and parties. Now I believe that Russia is the country with the most bank holidays and festivals and this suspicion was confirmed again this weekend when the whole of Moscow celebrated Woman’s day. All week women have been seen carrying bouquets of flowers and numerous flowers have appeared all over Moscow. The previous festivals I have seen have all had some historical or religious meaning behind it but it seems that the sole purpose of this festival is for all men to buy gifts for all the women they know. Most men give flowers usually tulips to their women but some choose to shell out a little more. From where I am standing this festival is awesome! Not only do women get presents for being women everyone also get the day off work! We should adopt this in England day off and presents, sounds good to me! :)

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