Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Russky Chai and other antics

It has been a while since my last post and even then things have been fairly quite blogwise, this is because my time has been taken up with other things like meeting and greeting some of the Russians, who study at the institute next door to us. This started off fairly tamely with us standing in two circles then having two or three minutes to exchange pleasantries with the person in front of us, the party then took a slight downturn when be started to play a rather random game where you had to tie yourself with a shoe lace to someone with a similar interest to you. It began with finding someone with the same favourite sport as you, then drink, and finally country. The thing that made it manically complex was that you were not allowed to untie yourself from the first person. At the end of this game I was tied to two or three different blokes who liked football, cider and England. Not the usual sort of thing that happens at the parties I usually attend!

Once we had untied ourselves we then built towers then were divided up into groups to perform a mini play to do with Russian culture. Some how, and I have still to work out how, but I ended up getting dressed up as a Babushka and once again playing a grumpy, moody Bab who was trying to find a seat on the metro. After all these fun and games, we exchanged contact details, created a Facebook group then disappeared off to Krushka for a few half litres of cheap beer.

Apart from Russian tea parties I have also used my time here to explore a couple of the parks and monasteries in the South East of Moscow. The one of which was a park called Kolomansky a park atop a hill that allows you to see the whole of Moscow and also contains the small home of Peter the Great and a unique sixteenth century church, which was beautifully decorated inside. It has really annoyed me since comig here that it is impossible to take a picture of how beautiful these churches are, now I can understand that it is a little disrespectful to take pictures in a church, but at the same time I have told my family about there beauty and simply want photographic evidence to back it up. If anyone has anyways to slyly take a photo that will not end up with me being mauled by a mad, Religious bab please let me know.

While standing at the park Kolomensky it was wonderful to see over all of Moscow, despite the fact that ‘Spring’ has hit. I was told this the other day and am still failing to believe it while the snow is still falling from the sky and the daily temperature is still -2. A fact I forgot when I saw a man selling Candy Floss and decided that it wasn’t that cold and braved eating some. After demolishing it my hand was frozen and felt like it was about to fall off. So in future if you are with me good reader please restrain me from committing such a foolish error of judgement again!

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