Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Parties, Parties, Parties

To begin I would like to apologise for the lack of blogging in recent weeks my time has been taken up with celebrating my 21st and the start of Lent, which is Russia is celebrated by a huge festival in Red Square called Maslenitsa. I should also mention at this point that in Russia my birthday is a national holiday called 'The day of the defenders of the Fatherland' and everyone gets the day off! Hurrah! So no school for me on my birthday, sadly though this was met by every Russian I came across telling me I was a real defender of the Motherland. It got alittle wearing after a while!

As I mentioned above a couple of weeks back I celebrated my 21st it was kind of strange to be celebrating it in Moscow rather than at home in England but still amazing at the same time. One of my friends let me borrow their flat for a house party, which was fortunate as I hate to think how my Bab would have reacted had I held a raging house party in my room. She reacts badly enough to me coming home at 1am after drinking a couple of krushkas with my friends and usually decides to clean the flat at 6am the next day as ‘punishment’.

My party started out as our standard party with snacks and champagne that we found in the local supermarket for 120R (about £2) and ended up turning into a 24 long party with a quick sleep break around 4am. Half way through one of my friend’s Russian friends turned up with a birthday cake and champagne then sang happy birthday to me as they had found out it was my birthday. Was nice to be back in Moscow having fun with my friends after 24 hours of celebrating and random antics that included three of my guy friends having a wrestling match and one of them being sick out of the 19th floor window we parted ways to recover, still not entirely sure how much we ended up drinking as everyone who arrived brought champagne and insisted I drink some of. Still not quite used to the fact that I am 21 and would now be an adult by ye olde standards guess it means I should behave and be boring and sensible now, hum maybe not, will push that one off until I’m 30 :P

(I would like to appologise for the presentation of this post, blogger font broke while I was on it!)

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