Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Having lived in Moscow now for 6 months I have pretty much seen all of the main sights and attractions and decided to venture further a field in my quest for random antics. This weekend it was Klin, a town about an hour and a half on an Eletritchka where Tchaikovsky lived and wrote some of his most famous works.
After the cold journey on the eletritchka Simon and I arrived in Klin, which we had thought would be a couple of datchas and some trees but turned out to be a huge town bigger than Cheltenham, we attempted to find Tchaikovsky’s house. Being as neither of us had a map we asked a random lady which Mashrutka we needed. Eventually we ended up at the Tchaikovsky museum after walking around for ages trying to find the entrance we were in the house were the greatest Russian composer had lived. In order to go around the museum we had to wear these weird slipper things and as with all museums in Russia it was full of Babs, who all started fussing over us because we had not tied them up correctly.
It was awesome to see where Tchaikovsky lived and to see the piano that he had composed his greatest works. Klin in Tchaikovsky’s day would have been a peaceful, sleepy village and I can understand why he chose it as his place to escape from the bustle of Moscow.
Our trip took a somewhat cultural down turn when we decided that MacDonald's was the only place where we were going to get a lunch that was not borsch or blini, it had to be said that the hi-light of that experience was watching four cuddly, mulleted children tucking into a huge heap of burgers.
It was wonderful to escape Moscow for a few hours and to once again experience an electritchka journey, these are always amusing as Russian people hop on and off selling various random products from sponges to knives to sticky toy rats. This time we had a random old bab come on with a box of puppies and a cute little ball of fluff in one arm, we were not entirely sure whether she was selling them or using them to beg either way I really wanted one of them, partly because he was cute and partly to see my bab’s reaction to me bringing a puppy home. Would result in more than my door being washed at 6am!

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