Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Breakfast took a distinct down turn this morning as I was given this lovely specimen of ‘porridge’. Now breakfast is always a pretty hairy event I am always presented with some form of cake or pancakes and then some form of porridge in a bowl with a lid covering it to keep it warm. Usually it alternates between corn, oats or rice, which are not as good as Readybrek but still edible however this morning ‘grechnaya’ was added to the list, I think it roughly translate as ‘buck wheat’ but in my mind ‘soil’ would be more appropriate. First of all I thought ‘ok when in Rome’ and also ‘Well Sushi looks a little disturbing but that’s my favourite food and if I’d never tried it then how would I have known I liked it’ so I tried the tiniest amount possible and as I suspected it tasted how it looked, like soil. I then thought ‘well may be if I don’t chew it it’ll taste better’, nope it still tasted like soil. ‘Right’ I thought ‘this time I’ll try not breathing’ that simply resulted in me nearly choking and the soil simply hitting my taste buds and tasting even more strongly of soil. However fate gave me a lucky break as just as I was looking for some way to dispose of this so called ‘porridge’ without my Bab noticing she disappeared out producty shopping so the soil was instantly returned to the earth from whence it came and replaced by Russian Nesquik and chocolate soya milk.
I am assuming that it was some kind of punishment as I can’t believe that anyone would willingly eat this and enjoy it but there we go. I am hoping that my Bab secretly likes it and will eat the rest of it rather than giving it to me, some how I have a bad feeling that it will be dragged the next time that I return home late from the pub or wear the wrong shoes out the house.

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