Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'm back in the Motherland

Having complained about British Airways and there poor customer services I was expecting to have a semi horrible flight. Now I hate flying it makes no difference if I am flying BMI or a budget airline like Ryannair I am still scared. The last flight I took, excluding Saturday, I discovered the bar on the plane was free so decided to see if Gin would calm my nerves and it did. So on this flight I decided that gin was needed even though I had been up since 5am and it was in fact about 9am when the flight took off. My neighbour on the flight, who was Russian, decided I was a ‘real English girl’ as I was eating my mini full English breakfast with a cup of tea in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other, I then explained that I was scared of flying and it calmed my nerves. On hearing this the attendant asked ‘Do you want two then?’ This combined with the in flight entertainment moved BA up slightly in my opinion. My pleasure was short lived once the pilot announced that the temperature in Moscow was -17 and snowy. ‘Just how I left it’ I thought, snowy and freezing.
Since arriving back I have only left the house to register my passport, it was -13 so after that I went back to bed, I am the worst person for travelling I get jetlag and I can only cope with being on a plane if I have a gin and tonic in my hand. Anyway I am now back for the next term in Moscow. It's freezing cold and snowing but my flat is warm so am happy so I am heading back there to do my homework and return to bed to try and sleep off my jetlag.


Damon Lord said...

Russians: they love General Winter, but a handful of snowflakes in Blighty sends us all into a panic! Good luck back in MOCKBA.

Laura-Rose said...

Thank you I need!