Thursday, 5 February 2009

Ice and snow

I went to school on Tuesday slipping my way over the 3 or 4 inches of ice that seem to have covered every single street in Moscow except for the main ones around the expensive shopping centres, to have people asking me what seemed like very odd questions; 'How did you get back?' 'Was Heathrow open when you left?' etc After judging from the perplexsion on my face they clearly gathered I had no idea what they were talking about. It was only when on Facebook later that day I saw pictures of my London friends making snowmen that I found out about the snow storms that have now gripped England. On Wednesday we then had a huge snow storm that was so bad. Now normally I am not fussed about the snow but at the minute I do not like it, because it now makes walking anywhere in Moscow very dangerous. The roads are covered in ice which is now covered in snow. You can't see where the holes are and it's slippy as hell, plus you can't physically walk fast you can only trudge. I am half expecting to break my leg, which would not be a good way to celebrate my 21st. I also found it highly amusing today when I received an email from UCL telling me that lectures were running as normal and to check the UCL website for any changes due to the 'adverse weather conditions'. I found it most amusing that whenever it snows in England everything breaks and goes wrong where as in Moscow everyone just carries on as normal. So enjoy the snow in the UK and remember we sent it to you! Oh also if anyone wants to buy me plane tickets to somewhere warm and English speaking for my b-day that would be amazing! :P

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