Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Skating in Gorky Park

Monday dawned and Becky, Carole and I were uber excited as it meant that we literally had to survive two more days then we could get on our flight and head back to normality and civilisation. As a way to pass the time we decided to go ice skating at Gorky Park. Once winter hits, and trust me it has properly hit, the walk ways are frozen so that visitors can skate around the park either on their own skates or hired ones.
I have been skating before and once I have had a few skates around the ice skating rink I usually get my balance and then gradually build up speed this time however this did not happen. It turns out that the ice was not smooth like a rink but had holes in it and that in places the gradient differed I ended up skating around hand in hand with Becky to help us both keep our balance, this failed spectacularly several times for me and it felt like I spent most of my time on my bum rather than on my skates! It was fun never the less and after skating around half the park we came across a kiosk and decided to give up and have a drink and some crisps and hope that some lovely, hot Russian man might come and help us sadly this did not happen so instead we waited until we were rescued by the others and taken back to hand our skates back this little hut had grown even more chaotic since we had been out so we left as quickly as possible and sat in Kofe Hauz deciding how to spend our last full day in Moscow and how exactly we would get to the airport. Luckily when I returned home and regaled my babushka of how I spent more time on my ‘popa’ and not on my feet I was told that a bus had been organised to pick me up and all I had to do was be packed and ready to go by about 1pm. All I need to do now is buy my vodka, not drink it and pack up all my things :D

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